Sunlight floods the small room. Dust floats, lazy in still air. The only sounds those of the highway below. Memories creep in. Everything seems so long ago.



Winding through deep woods

    her limpid pools reflect the edge of nature 

In places, quiet depths swallow small pebbles 

    tossed in by passing children

The pebbles sink slowly glinting in the darkening sun

    they never seem to reach bottom

Her stretches of rushing waters 

    carve out her beloved nature

Alcoves among the trees

    caress large boulders in her way

She knows these lumps are part of her

    and when there’s nothing more to say

    she is silent




At Last

There’s none to say ’tis right or wrong

We’ve left the village far behind

It’s our time now, a soft caress

Light fades away in evensong.


The stars come out and light our way

We walk the path to palm-thatched hut

Hand in hand our shoulders bump

Anticipating loving play.


We hesitate, then shyly ask

For what we need, for what we want

In hesitation, too, is given

And love is found, at last, at last.


I Am

…a flickering twist of awareness

floating unseen among a trillion galaxies

aware of my shortcomings, and

saddened by a thousand failures

of compassion.

…yet I find contentment

even satisfaction

when I release the strands

of my existence, and

reach out to grasp another’s hands.