Personal Guide for Living

Many people find it helpful to develop a personal guide for living.  It is meant to be dynamic, changing over time as one uses it and experiences new things.  Here as an example is my guide, today:

  • I live in the present moment
  • I look inside for happiness
  • I look outside for engagement (with the world)
  • I love myself just as I am now and as I always was
  • I let all anger go
  • I forgive myself for all my mistakes and for my personal shortcomings
  • I affirm that I have always done the best I could
  • I accept my failures and learn from them
  • I am honest about harm I’ve done to others and sincere in my apologies
  • I accept that one who harms me does so because his or her heart is not yet capable of seeing and loving
  • I abide in the question, open to dialogue and change
  • I compare myself to no one (neither to satisfy my ego nor to stand in judgment)
  • Feeling stuck, I look to get out of myself by starting a project, a relationship, a conversation, or seeing the beauty around me
  • I ask for what I need and work with what is offered
  • I learn compassion by forgiving

I encourage each one of us to take some time to list the principles we live to, thereby bringing them to mind.

From “Raising Healthy Children” © 2014 by Thomas Welch


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