What Do You Think?

Here’s an interesting thought. If we compare us humans to the neurons in a brain, we see each neuron ( = human being) is separate from all others, across a synaptic gap ( = skin, dividing inside from outside). But neurons can make chemical ( = language, looks and touch) connections with each other ( = other humans) across all these gaps by means of axons ( = body parts) sending their chemical ( = verbal, touch, written) messages to dendrites ( = sensory organs) which receive them.

Thus, neurons ( = people) send nerve impulses ( = optimally, messages of love, kindness, support) to interact with each other. But, this interaction is not without purpose. Through their interactions, neurons are able to perform complex functions ( = group activity) by working together. But that is not all. We know for a fact, that when there are sufficient neurons present and interacting, consciousness ( = individual consciousness merging into group consciousness) spontaneously manifests. But, there may be even more. Some people believe the human brain creates a quantum state ( = all possible realities coexist in a timeless state, ¬†encompassing all time from the Big Bang) that transcends physical death ( = the universe’s eventual collapse into a spaceless black hole).

If we look at these words, excluding the parenthetical analogies, we see current state biology. If we look at the words inside the parentheses, we begin with the obvious and move along with the analogy to an ending that many people would call fantastical thinking and mysticism. So, the analogy being curiously sound, we are encouraged to grant some credulity to what might otherwise seem mystical.

And to bring it back to a more personal level, our friendship, yours and mine, should it develop, might encourage many others to join in ( = all sending messages of support and kindness to one another), and spontaneously, when there are enough of us, perhaps our individual feelings of separation might merge into social consciousness. What do you think?


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