I feel so confused at times, talking to myself in my own head. An echo chamber of thinking that hasn’t worked before. Some people use prayer to access a deeper part of themselves, perhaps hoping to hear a spirit voice. Some have friends who try to understand. Others consult analysts, therapists or gurus. Some try poetry or journaling. Why does it have to be so hard?

We juggle thoughts of past problems with future worries and find no clarity of thought for what is needed now. This brain of ours tricks us to spend our time improving chances of survival. Our biology tricks us to optimize our mating behavior. Our spirit cries out unsatisfied.

And so, some try a different way. No thoughts of survival, progeny. Stay in the moment, open to all. Trust in nature and human kindness to bring what is needed as each need arises.Trust in humanity to understand we are all one and what one does for another in generosity is returned in kind at that same time. When we steal, we are impoverished. When we trust, we are trusted. When we cut others off, we are cut off. When we love, we are loved. This seems to make sense.

Perhaps it’s not as hard as we think it.


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