Natural Order

“… Ndemi stared at the patterns he had traced in the dirt with his finger.

‘Perhaps if the hunter does come, he will be a good man,’ he said at last.

‘Perhaps,’ I agreed, ‘but he will still be a hunter.’ I paused. ‘The lion may sleep with the zebra in times of plenty. But in times of need, when both are starving, it is the lion who starves last.'”

– from ‘Bwana’, by Mike Resnick

We agree we are part of the natural order, not an ornament added later. As such, why would we not take the natural path of the strong taking from those weaker? What have we learned, what have we taken in, that would convince us this way, though natural, is not one that is in our interest to take. It is only our feelings of community, or commonality, that persuade us to civilization.

And there are, and always will be, those who in their innermost selves are predators, as natural as can be. How do we then affirm a peaceful, loving approach among these others, who if they bothered would argue nature is on their side. It is only by being strong and brave in the face of injury that we make our case.

And if some do not understand, that is also the natural order. Others will understand, and our faith, the faith we do and must have, is that our way of peace, kindness and love has meaning, on this plane of existence and beyond, regardless of what happens next.


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