Friendship at Distance

And tonight? A simple question touches me, disquiets.

Does friendship stand a chance in this new world of e-existence? Or is it foolish hope and laughably naive? Has anyone before me ever tried this? Is it possible? How is such friendship built, what trust is needed when no voice, no verbal cues nor body language are there to convey conviction or intent, when conversation happens a sentence or paragraph at a time, hours or days between sharings.

Perhaps it happens naturally but in extreme slow motion, requiring loads of patience and determination, intent measured not just in words but in the gaps in between.  Or, perhaps it isn’t possible to establish and maintain at all, a pipedream, foolish hope, promise without possibility. I wonder. Do you know?

Here is my answer. A long distance friendship is a fragile flower, watered with patience and commitment. Its seed is a sincere desire of two people to share of themselves, not wholly and only a little at a time, as growth allows. Even as a plant that grows too fast becomes thin and weak, such a friendship must be guarded with restraint. Should inclement weather threaten the flower, it must be held close to the twig upon which it rests. And when the flower is full blooming it spreads its fragrance and beauty to the world. And the two who partake in it are blessed.


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