What is ‘Odd’

Words do our thinking for us, as we juggle them to express awareness. Yet this, our physical manifestation, perceiving beauty, pain, pleasure and all else as the real and final tally of life, is not all. Rather, our individual parts are folded into a greater perceptual reality, in some dimension beyond, that we all enter into and finally comprise. Our parts fold in continuously but we don’t see the pattern until we enter that state ourselves at the end of our lives, and become part of the ‘greater existence’ which comprehends all creation.

This is the basin filled with drops from a tap, the dune, sand flowing into it with the wind. This is where we rest and play when ‘here’ is done. This basin/dune is a force for good and reconciliation at least as I have experienced it, helpful patterns emerging at extreme moments in my life.

These are my feelings of what is and what is not.

If one takes one’s view of reality from ancient texts, one is called sane. If one invents one’s own philosophy, based on very limited experience and perception, one generally is viewed as odd. Is the one explanation of reality more likely than the other? And if I ask others to confirm that my views might make some sense, am I any more sane or less odd based on their answers? Yet the unpleasant fate we offer the odd is isolation and pity.

We all want company and confirmation, after all. And so I will be brave and ask you, as a companion of existence, what is your truth? If ours are different, perhaps we can believe in each other’s, and validate one another.


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